[S]iwa holds a special appeal for many travellers on account of its isolation and unique character, its natural beauty and its historical associations.  Siwa is famous also for its hot white sand that has some properties that make it able to cure a lot of rheumatismtic dieses, Arthritis and spinal pain. Regarding the hot water wells in Siwa, the most important among them are: Cleopatra Bath, Arayes, Moulol, and Hamawat.
The water in these wells is divided into two types: normal hot water and sulfurous hot water which is used internationally in curing many skin dieses. It is also used in curing some respiratory system problems.
Dakrour Mountain in Siwa contains some radiations that help in curing rheumatism, polio, Psoriasis, and digestive system illnesses. Tourists from all over the world come to this mountain in July and August every year to be cured from many health problems.

Bicycling and Caretta Rides

Bicycles are available for rental in Siwa for very accessible prices. It will allow you to explore the Oasis independently.  The same may be enjoyed aboard one of the local donkey-drawn carettas.

Shaly Fortress

The old city in the middle of Siwa Oasis. The word Shaly means the city in the Siwian language. It was constructed in 12th or 13th century to protect the city when there was a situation of chaos in Roman period and tribes in the western desert used to attack one another in order to get food and drink. Shali was built from a material called Karshif, A mixture of salt and clay.  It was in full use until three days of heavy rain which destroyed it in 1926. Some of the Shaly buildings are still in use.

Siwa Town

The central square in down town is the main marketplace of the Oasis. You can purchase here goods from old Siwan artefacts, wickerwork, characteristic embroidery, unique collectible silver jewellery, Bedouin kilims and woollen blankets, all the way to exotic spices, herbs and most particularly dates, olives and their wide variety of by-products.

Temple of the Oracle of Amun / Aghurmi

Built in the 6th century BC, probably on top of an earlier temple, it was dedicated to Amun (occasionally referred to as Zeus or Jupiter Ammon) and was a powerful symbol of the town’s wealth. One of the most revered oracles in the ancient World, its power was such that some rulers sought its advice while others sent armies to destroy it. The only place on earth where the footsteps of Alexander the Great can be traced right up to the door…GALLERY 

Cleopatra Spring

called also “Ain Juba” or “Ain al Hammam,” in ancient times  was known as “The Spring of the Sun.” Herodotus described its bubbling waters in his Histories as boiling hot in the chilly evenings and cool during the heat of the day, and it was considered a wonder by ancients visiting Ammon. In reality, the spring’s waters are a constant 29 C; it’s the changing air temperature and bubbling water that give the impression of boiling water. It serves its purpose till our times making it one of the oldest swimming pools built 

Bir Wahed

A hot spring in the dunes of the edge of the Great Sand Sea. Situated 15 km south west from Siwa.  You can bath in the hot spring in the middle of the desert and enjoy the soothing effect of the sulphur water.  Bir Wahed can only be reached by 4WD, so if you don’t have your own, you’ll need to hire a guide and car. Permits are needed to visit Bir Wahed. Coordinates 29°7’19″N   25°26’3″E 

Bir Wahed Cold Spring

lake-sized with fresh and clean water great for swimming. It is situated next to  Bir Wahed hot spring.  If you’re visiting Siwa in the summer this lake makes a great escape from the heat of the day. It is not cold as the name could suggest. It is simple not a hot spring.

Gabal el Dakrour (El-Dakroury mountain)

It is famous for curing rheumatic disease by a therapy involving being buried in the sand.  This mountain is the site for the annual Siwan celebration which lasts for three days. Usually held on or around the full moon in October after the dates and olives harvest season. The mountain also supplies the red pigment used for the local pottery.

Gabal Al Mawta (The Mountain of the Dead)

A Conical hill with a height of 50 meters  The Siwans buried in its caves their loved ones for thousands of years. The most known among them are: the tomb of the Crocodile, the tomb of Miso-Isis, and the tomb of Si Amun (or the man of Amun) which is the most beautiful tomb in the mountain. It goes back to the 3rd century BC and it contains remarkable motifs of the god Nut.

Fatanas Island / Fatnis Island or even Fantasy Island !

Covered in lush palm trees with a secluded freshwater spring in its centre. This island is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing and magnificent sunset view while sipping a coup of lemon grass tea or glass of fresh squashed seasonal fruits. Gallery

Shiata Lake 

Situated 25 kms away from Siwa deep into desert. Surrounded by palm groves and availing the visitors a beautiful isolated spot to enjoy the day in the calm and serene natural surroundings. Shiata was used as a source of water in the old route to Libya.  Men used to pack up their donkeys with dates and olive oil and leave the village of Bah El Din for a days trekking to Shiata.

Desert Safaris & Camping

The Great Sand Sea surrounding Siwa is a haven for Safari lovers.  Moving dunes and spectacular desert treks lend themselves to the most exciting and dare-devilish rides in the whole of Egypt. Experience this unforgettable adventure with us. If you are a true desert lover, choice from our wide range of  Safari Programs

Horseback Riding

Siwa is known for breeding the finest Arabian. You can ride them with the support of  expert desert guides by selecting your travel destination to the midst of the White Desert for an overnight trip. Choose your full day package savoring a meal at an inspiring location in the desert and returning back under the magnificent sunset sky. Every moment of the experience will be filled with breathtaking views including springs and astonishing dunes of the Great Sand Sea. PRICES






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