[T]here is some evidence from thousands of years ago that ancient Egyptians rode down the dunes on planks of wood and pottery. While that cannot be confirmed beyond rumour, there is no doubt that the Great Sea of Sand near Siwa is home to some of the best sandboarding in the world. With dunes rising as high as 500 feet and sloping at angles of 70 degrees or more, it is no amateur course. Because it is a highly isolated area that requires transport and guides to find the best dunes it is considered  as an exclusive place to the wealthiest or most passionate sandboarders around. With our assistance we make it accessible and affordable for every packet and every level of advance.

The sand surrounding Siwa  is soft and the views are breath taking. The biggest dunes are west of Siwa. To reach the great sand sea you need 4×4 but you can also walk to the edge of the oasis what can take about 1 hr or use a donkey carriage

We can take you by our 4×4 to several different dunes with different  high and sloping angles. We have several boards and boots to choice from as well as safety equipment. We have everything you need for sandboarding experience.

To have one of the best sand board runs in the world… all to yourself and be back for a swim before sunset is a must for any serious sand boarders or snowboarders who fancy a sandbrding holiday in the sun.



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