Prices vary from  15 GBP   to GBP  per night depending on standards of accommodation and  facilities available to cater every taste and budget.  Please check  for details and prices in menu under HOTELS / RESORTS.


Our Fixed price trips & tours start from


4×4 car with driver all day – 30 GBP including Marakii & Abu Shruf Villages
Local Tour Guide – 20 GBP
Mini bus all day – 15 GBP
Donkey carriage all day – 12 GBP
Donkey carriage – Fatnas Island – 5 GBP
Bicycle all day – 2 GBP


105 GBP per person including 3 course meals

Day One
check in in Hotel / Resort
Day Two
After an early breakfast we will take you on chilled out trips around the Siwa Oasis. You will have oportunity to climb crumbling Shali fortress, and next we would take you for the trip to : Temple of the Oracle of Amun / Aghurmi  Built during the twenty-sixth Pharaonic dynasty, the temple and its oracle flourished well into the Greek and Roman periods. Alexander the Great famously consulted the Siwa Oracle to confirm he was the son of Zeus, the Greek God of Gods.  Mountain of the Dead  Tombs from the days when the Ancient Greek and Roman empires ruled this area are cut into the side of this mountain and decorated with fascinating wall paintings telling tales of these bygone times.
Cleopatra’s Spring A great place for a swim in waters reputed to have medicinal properties. If it was good enough for the Romans it’s good enough for us! Fat Nas Island  This heavenly island on Siwa  lake brings you closer to nature. The lake attracts a range of migrating and wintering water birds. It’s the best place to spot flamingos as you enjoy the amazing sunsets.
Day tree
It is a day of overnight desert experience. Try your skills at sandboarding then freshen up in Bir Wahed  the hot and cold natural springs and spend a evening under the stars enjoying Siwan cuisine cooked over an open  fire and hear stories of old from this unique community that still holds onto its thousand years old traditions.



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