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The Road to Siwa / distances

Cairo Kharga Dakhla Farafra Bahariya Siwa
Cairo 602 739 582 402 752
Kharga 602 200 430 610 960
Dakhla 739 200 230 410 760
Farafra 582 430 230 180 530
Bahariya 402 610 410 180 350
Siwa 752 960 760 530 350

How to get to the Oasis?

There are several ways to get to Siwa. Upon your arrival you will be assured of a warm welcome from the Siwan people.
Commercial Flights to Siwa Oasis

EGYPT AIR Flights operate from May-September
Cairo-Marsa Matrouh Departs on Sundays and Wednesdays
Marsa Matrouh-Cairo Departs on Sundays and Wednesdays
THOMSON AIRWAYS Flights operate from April-October
London Gatwick-Marsa Matrouh Departs on Tuesdays
Marsa Matrouh-London Gatwick Departs on Tuesdays
Manchester-Marsa Matrouh Departs on Tuesdays
Marsa Matrouh-Manchester Departs on Tuesdays
EDELWEISS AIR Flights operate from July-October
Zurich-Marsa Matrouh Departs on Sundays
Marsa Matrouh-Zurich Departs on Sundays

Buses To and from Cairo

The Western Delta Bus Company run a daily service from Cairo to Marsa Matrouh  which is  route to Siwa. The bus leaves Turkamen Bus Station (Cairo Gateway Bus Station) at 6.30am. The journey is 500 kilometers and takes five hours. The fare for VIP is 60 LE. Refreshments are served on the air-conditioned bus and VIP bus. From Marsa Matrouh catch the onward bus service to Siwa. The journey takes four hours and the ticket costs 15 LE. The bus leaves at 1.30 pm  and arrives in Siwa at 5pm.
Leaving Siwa for Cairo the bus leaves at 7am from the Siwa bus Station.  Change at Marsa Matrouh where there are buses leaving for Cairo until 2pm.
Direct night bus from Cairo to Siwa. There is a daily bus from Turkamen Station to Siwa Oasis which leaves at 6:45 pm and arrives in siwa at 5:30 am. You can take the same bus back to Cairo at 8:00 Pm from Siwa bus station and the rate is LE 65.

How to get to Turkamen Bus Station.  from the airport use taxi. Remember to negotiate price before the journey.  Turgoman bus station is a large and modern. It looks more like a mall than a bus station. You will find there shops and other amenities including clean bathrooms. When you enter the station, you have to go through security checkpoint like the one in airports. Then you will be presented with multiple windows (on the left and right side of the entrance hall) with various bus station companies that go to different destinations in Egypt. The bus company that goes to Siwa is on the left hand side. The terminals are located at the ground level. They are well marked in English and Arabic.

Cairo Gateway Plaza
3 wabour el torgman st., ard el torgman
Boulak, Cairo

To and from Alexandria

From Alexandria, Siwa can be reached from the new bus stations (MOHARAM BECK) The buses from MOHARAM BECK Bus Station are at 7:00 am, 11.30am,2.30 pm and 10.00 pm. The journey takes 8 hours and costs LE 30.
To return to Alexandria there are four buses daily from Siwa at 7am, 10am, and 10pm. The fare is 30 EL.
You can also travel to Siwa by minibus from Alexandria. They run from MOHARAM BECK Station and the fare is 30 LE in total. You change mini-bus at Marsa Matrouh and pay 15 LE per person in mini-bus.

timetable for all bus services running between Siwa, Alexandri and Cairo

From To Leave Duration Km Vehicle Depart from Arrive at Price
Cairo Siwa 6:45 pm 9hrs 800 West Delta Bus Turkamen Siwa 65 LE
Cairo Matrouh 6:45 am 5hrs 500 West Delta Bus Turkamen Matrouh 60LE
Alex Siwa 07:00 am 8hrs 586 West Delta Bus MOHARAM BECK Market Sq. 30LE
Alex Siwa 11:30 am 8hrs 586 West Delta Bus MOHARAM BECK Market Sq. 30LE
Alex Siwa 2:30 pm 8hrs 586 West Delta Bus MOHARAM BECK Market Sq. 30LE
Alex Matrouh Any time 3.5hrs 280 Minibus MOHARAM BECK Matrouh 15 LE
Buses leave from New Bus Station in Alexandria half an hour after above times.
Matrouh Siwa 7:00 am 4hrs 306 West Delta Bus Matrouh Market Sq. 15LE
Matrouh Cairo Every 2hrs 5hrs 500 West Delta Bus Matrouh Cairo 50LE
Siwa Matrouh 07:00am 4hrs 306 West Delta Bus Market Sq. Matrouh 15LE
Siwa Alex 07:00 am 8hrs 586 West Delta Bus Market Sq. Alex stations 30LE
Siwa Alex 10:00 am 8hrs 586 West Delta Bus Market Sq. Alex stations 30LE
Siwa Alex 10:00 pm 8hrs 586 West Delta Bus Market Sq. Alex stations 30LE

Times and prices can be changed by the companies at any time. Please E-mail us If you need our help with current schedule. last update is March, 28,2010

Private Transportation

If you are in a group of 5 – 6,  you might choice to  hire  minibus to Siwa. A mini bus usually costs around 600LE each way. It gives all the flexibility. We can assist you in booking for you mini bus



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