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Egyptian Cities, Governorates & Regions

[T]here are over 200 towns and cities in Egypt with  populations of over 15,000. Because 90% of Egypt is desert, these towns and cities have grown up either hugging the River Nile, along the shores of the Mediterranean or Red Seas, beside the Suez Canal, or among one of the desert oases. Due to Egypt’s enormous growth of population this has caused many areas to actually be built on sandy areas, rather than the more sustainable soil. Giza is a prime example of this as it slowly moves towards the plateau where the famous pyramids were built.

For administrative purposes Egypt is divided into 27 governorates, which are the top tier of the country’s five-tier jurisdiction hierarchy. Each governorate is administered by a governor, who is appointed by the President of Egypt, serving at the president’s discretion. These governorates have a population density of more than one-thousand per Km², though the 3 largest (Cairo, Alexandria and Giza) have a population density of less than two per Km². They are either fully „urban” or else a mixture of „urban” and „rural”. The official distinction between „urban” and „rural” is reflected in the lower tiers: urban governorates have no regions, or “markaz”, as these are just an assortment of villages. Governorates may, however, comprise of just one city, as in the case of Cairo or Alexandria. These one-city governorates are divided into districts (basically urban neighbourhoods); Cairo having 23 districts whilst Alexandria has only 6.

Governorates and regions

Governorate Capital Location
Alexandria Alexandria Northern
Aswan Aswan Upper
Asyut Asyut Upper
Beheira Damanhur Lower
Beni Suef Beni Suef Upper
Cairo Cairo Middle
Dakahlia Mansura Lower
Damietta Damietta Lower
Faiyum Faiyum Upper
Gharbia Tanta Lower
Giza Giza Upper
Helwan Helwan Middle
Ismailia Ismailia Canal
Kafr el-Sheikh Kafr el-Sheikh Lower
Governorate Capital Location
Matruh Mersa Matruh Western
Minya Minya Upper
Monufia Shibin el-Kom Lower
New Valley Kharga Western
North Sinai Arish Sinai
Port Said Port Said Canal
Qalyubia Banha Lower
Qena Qena Upper
Red Sea Hurghada Eastern
Sharqia Zagazig Upper
Sohag Sohag Upper
South Sinai el-Tor Sinai
Suez Suez Canal
6th of October 6th of October Middle



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