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We are a team of enthusiasts from Europe and Siwa Oasis fascinated by beauty of North Africa and its ancient heritage. Years of travelling and customer service experience gained in our professional lives enable us to offer our clients special personal attention. Our comprehensive understanding of Egyptian Culture, Tradition and Customs comes also from hiring and running one of the Hotels in Siwa. During our management period the Hotel/Restaurant became number one in trip advisory rankings. After that experience we decided to contribute to all Resorts and Hotels in Oasis by bringing tourism to this wonderful place. Some of the places are not advertised anywhere online yet.
Our idea of running this business project is a complex service provided to our guests to experience Egypt in the best possible way, whether independently or with professional local tour guides. At the present we do not gain profit from our work. Our goal is to bring tourism to Oasis to create work for our friends who live in Siwa permanently. Our choice of place was not random. The mixture of taking breath away natural landscapes and wonderful inhabitants makes it a true oasis in the ocean of modern world. Siwa Oasis is an escape experience from hectic societies into an inner peace, simplicity and lost values.

If you are looking for unforgettable holiday experience you have found the right place. You will find in our offer most of the Resorts and Hotels in Oasis depending on your personal taste and budget. We will guide you through restaurants, eating places and all tourists attractions. Our main field of services are also 4×4 safari trips and tours. We organize them with most responsible and reliable tour guides and drivers we had pleasure to know for many years who became our dear friends. Our approach to this flagship activity across Egyptian Oasis is almost revolutionary. We worked out reasonable fixed rates without any hidden costs and related to it unpleasant financial surprises.



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